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Rhododendron Species

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aberconwayii -15°F 3' Mid April-May. White flowers with crimson spots and leathery, heavily-veined, dark green leaves. Upright, open habit.

alabamense (deciduous) -5°F 4' Late April-May. Wide, tubular-shaped, lemon-scented, white flowers. *

ambiguum 'JANE BANKS' +5°F 6' April. Funnel-shaped, pale yellow flowers with greenish spots. Compact, upright habit.

arborescens (deciduous) -10°F 5' Late April-May. Fragrant, tubular, white flowers frilled with pink. East. U.S. native. *
'76-273 RSF' Collected from Upson County, Georgia.

arboreum +5°F 6' Early March. A tall growing species. Very attractive leathery leaves with distinctive silvery-white undersides. Large, scarlet-red flowers. We carry:
'BOWMAN RED' Blood-red flowers.
'PINK DELIGHT' White flushed pink with darker edges.
'TREWITHEN 80-1287KWG' Carmine-red flowers.
#17 Bright red flowers.
'67-228 BBG' Rose-red flowers.
'69-224 SA DWARF' Red flowers. Very compact.
ssp. cinnamomeum +5°F 5' Mid-March-April. A very handsome plant with striking cinnamon-colored indumentum. Soft pink flowers held in a lax truss.
ssp. delavayi 'BBG' +15°F 6' Mid March-April. Blood red, bell-shaped flowers. Large, shiny, dark green leaves.

argyrophyllum +5°F 6' Mid April-May. Bell-shaped, white flowers flushed pink. Long, narrow foliage, colored silver-white underneath.
'CHINESE SILVER' Soft rose-lavender flowers with darker flushes.
'69-8367 RBG' Pink-shaded flowers with darker flushes.

atlanticum 'KNAPHILL' (deciduous) -15°F 4' Late April-May. Tubular, fragrant, white flowers fade to pink. Blue-green leaves. Open, upright growth. *

augustinii -5°F 6' Late March-April. Compact, upright growth with small, aromatic leaves. Best in an open site with excellent drainage. * Available forms:
'BARTO BLUE' Pale lavender.
'BLUE CLOUD' Lavender-blue.
'ELECTRA' Lavender-purple. green flecks.
'HARDYI 78-065 RSF' Greenish-white, tinted lavender.
'MARINE' Deep lavender-blue flowers with purple spots.
'O.T.B.C.' Light lavender.
'S.H.N.' Medium lavender-blue
'SMOKEY GREY' Bluish-grey
'TOWER COURT' Clear, lavender-blue.
'VILMORIANUM' White. Yellow flare.
'WHALLEY' Small, smokey-blue flowers.
'77-286 RSF' Clear blue. Greenish-white center.
'77-789 RSF' Deep violet-blue.
'78-063 RSF' White.

auritum '65-269 RSF' +10°F 3' Late March-April. Bell-shaped, light yellow flowers with a pink blush. Small, bright green leaves, rusty-brown below.

austrinum (deciduous) -15°F 5' Early April. Tubular, funnel-shaped flowers with good fragrance. Native to S.E. U.S. We carry the following forms:
'MILLY MAC' Flowers with pink outsides with golden orange insides edged in white.
'RUSHIN'S' Yellow flowers.

bachii +15°F 6' Early April. Rose-lilac flowers. Narrow, dark green leaves.

bakeri 'AEMULENS' (deciduous) -5°F 5' Late April. Narrow, pink tubes flare to creamy-yellow. Fragrant. Upright, spreading habit. Native to S.E. U.S. *

balfourianum +5°F 6' Late March-April. Wide funnel-shaped, soft pink flowers with crimson markings. Rounded, compact habit with some indumentum underneath.

barbatum -5°F 6' Early March. Round trusses of narrow bell-shaped, bright scarlet flowers. Smooth, reddish-plum colored bark.

bodinieri -5°F 6' Mid March-April. Soft lavender-pink flowers with a crimson blotch. Very similar to R. yunnanense. *

brachycarpum -10°F 4' Mid-April. Creamy-white flowers, slightly flushed pink, with greenish-yellow spots. Bright green leaves with beige indumentum.
'CREEPING' Low, mounding habit to 3'.
ssp. fauriei '70-153SA' Blue-green leaves.

brachysiphon +15°F 6' Late April-May. Large, fragrant, lily-like, pink flowers. Attractive rusty-green foliage.

bullatum (see edgeworthii)

bureavii -10°F 4' Early April. White flowers with crimson markings. Top-notch foliage is dark green with thick indumentum below. Needs excellent drainage.
'BRIGGS' Wide bell-shaped white flowers.
'KAMMER' Pink buds open to white.
'LEM'S' Pink buds open to white.

bureaviodes -10°F ° 4' April. Very similar to bureavii with larger leaves and flowers.

caesium '76-134 RSF' +5°F 3' Late April-May. Wide funnel-shaped, yellow flowers with gold-green flecks and crimson-tipped lobes. Small, aromatic leaves are bluish-green below.

calendulaceum 'BURNING LIGHT' (deciduous) -25°F 5' Funnel-shaped, orange-red flowers. Upright, spreading habit. Native to S.E. North America. *

calophyllum +15°F 5' Early April. Fragrant, pale pink to white flowers. Large, oblong leaves.

calostrotum -5°F 18" Late March-April. Rich purple flowers with darker spots. Small oblong
leaves, cinnamon-colored underneath. Low and compact habit.
var. calciphilum Pink flowers. Larger leaves.
var. reptans Rich magenta with darker spottings.

campanulatum 0°F 4' April. Light lilac to white flowers with some spotting. Dark green, oblong leaves with a heavy cinnamon indumentum
'WAXEN BELL' Purple with darker spots.
'5-44' Pale blue flowers. Very bluish foliage.
'65-304 BBG' Pale lavender-blue.
ssp. aeruginosum Leaves open silver-green, turn blue-green

campylocarpum 'RBG' -5°F 5' Late April-May. Pale yellow flowers and rounded, dark green leaves.

campylogynum -15°F 2' Late March-April. Small, waxy, bell-shaped flowers are dusky-pink. Small, glossy leaves and cinnamon-colored peeling bark make this an attractive plant. The following forms are available:
'A.M' Tiny, smokey-purple bells.
'BERRY' Dark fuchsia-purple.
'JADE' Small, tubular, purple-pink flowers.
'LEUCANTHUM' Creamy-white. Low and compact.
'WWLH186664 RSF' Plum-purple bells held above foliage.
'74-062 RSF' Larger dusky pink flowers with darker marks.
var. celsum Erect form.
var. charopoeum Bigger flowers with darker marks.
var. cremastum Leaves not glabrous.
var. myrtilloides A very dwarf form with smaller flowers.

canadense 'RBG' (deciduous) -25°F 2' April. Lavender-pink flowers with deeply cut petals on bare stems in winter. Compact, bushy grower. Native to S.E. N. America. *

canescens (deciduous) -5°F 6' Mid April. Star-shaped, tubular flowers rose to light pink. Light, sweet fragrance. Native to Eastern U.S. *

carneum +15°F 5' Early April. Fragrant, narrow bell-shaped, flesh-pink flowers. Dark green leaves, blue-green underneath.

cerasinum -5°F 4' May. Drooping, bell-shaped, bi-colored cherry-red and white flowers. Dense, compact habit.

chameunum -5°F 2' Late March-April. Flat-faced, rose-purple flowers spotted crimson. Downward creeping branches.

charitopes -5°F 2' April. Bell-shaped, clear pink flowers with crimson spots. Open, upright habit.

ciliatum '36RH-PS' +15°F 6' Mid-April. Bell-shaped white flowers, tinged pink. Brownish-red peeling bark.

ciliicalyx +15°F 4' Early April. Slightly fragrant, funnel-shaped white flowers. Handsome, medium-sized, dark green leaves.

cinnabarinum +5°F 5' Late April. Oval, metallic grey-green leaves, bluish-green underneath. Long, tubular, cinnabar-red flowers. Best in an open site with good air circulation. The following forms are availabe:
'MACKEE' White with pink blush.
'NEPAL 74-066 RSF' Light orange.
'ROYLEI VIN ROSE' Deep plum crimson.
'81-137 RSF' Orange-apricot.
var. blandfordiiflorum Narrow tubular flowers, red outside, yellow-apricot within.
ssp. xanthocodon 'CASTLE HOWARD' Yellow, tubular flowers.

complexum -10°F 1' Early April. Purple-blue flowers. Very small leaves on a dense, mat-forming plant.

concinnum var. pseudoyanthinum -5°F 5' Late March-April. Wide funnel-shaped, wine-red
flowers. Upright habit. °

coriaceum 5°F 6' April. Bell-shaped flowers are pale pink with a crimson blotch. Large, 8" x 3" foliage.

crassum +15°F 5' May. Large, fragrant, broad tubular, white flowers in a loose truss. Glossy, dark green foliage.

cubittii +15°F Late March-April. White flowers with an orange blotch. Pale green, narrow, oblong leaves.
'ASHCOMBE' White, orange-yellow blotch.
'DR. EVANS' Deep pink buds open to light pink flowers.

dauricum -25°F 4' Late February. Semi-deciduous, compact, upright growth habit. Rosy-purple, funnel-shaped blossoms.
'NANA LUNN' Purplish-pink flowers.
'CAMPBELL' Lavender-pink flowers.

davidsonianum +5°F 4' Late March-April. Flowers are white with a pink blush and occur along the stems as well as the ends. Shiny, narrow, dark green leaves. Upright, open habit. *
'ALBA' White flowers.
'CAERHAY'S PINK' Pink with a darker center.
'RUTH LYONS' Clear deep pink, darkening as flower ages.
'SERENADE' Clear pink flowers.

decorum +5°F 6' Late April-May. Large, fragrant, white flowers are edible. Blooms heavily even when young. Compact habit. An adaptable and easy to grow rhododendron.

degronianum -5°F 3' Mid March-April. Soft pink, bell-shaped flowers in a truss of 10 to 12.
Compact, dense grower with deep green foliage.

delavayi 'BBG' (See arboreum ssp. delavayi)

denudatumn 'RBG' +5°F 6' Mid-April-May. Bell-shaped, light-pink flowers.

desquamatum 'BBG' -5°F 6' Mid March-April. Wide funnel-shaped flowers are a mauve color. Dark green, narrow leaves on an upright shrub.

diaprepes -5°F 6' Late May-June. Narrow bell-shaped, fragrant white flowers of heavy

dichroanthum ssp. apodectum +5°F 3' Mid-May. Tubular bell-shaped orange flowers, flushed salmon-rose. Open, spreading growth habit.

eclecteum 5°F 5' April. Tubular bell-shaped pink flowers of heavy substance. Rounded,
handsome foliage.

edgeworthii +15°F 6' Early April. Unusual puckered leaves with a dusty silvery down on the surface and very heavy, velvet-like, brown indumentum underneath. Fragrant, rose-pink flowers, long lasting, with a heavy substance.
'BODNANT' Dark green leaves. More cold hardy.
'91-0451 BBG' Rounded leaves with heavy indumentum.

elegantulum '81-129 RSF' +5°F 5' Late April-May. Narrow bell-shaped, cream flushed pink flowers with darker spots. Beautiful foliage plant with cinnamon indumentum.

elliottii +15°F 6' Early April. Bell-shaped, scarlet flowers in a globe-shaped truss. Long, dark green leaves. Upright growth habit.
'88-081 RSF' Scarlet flowers.
'S.H.N.' Coral-red flowers.

eriocarpum (see Evergreen Azalea section under tamurae)

erosum -5°F ° 6' March. Narrow bell-shaped, deep crimson flowers. Oval leaves with a fawn-colored indumentum.

fargesii 'RHS' +5°F 6' Late March-April. Narrow bell-shaped, rosy-pink flowers with darker spots. Open, upright growth.

fastigiatum -15°F 2' Mid March-April. A compact grower with dense foliage. Flowers are deep lilac-purple. A good dwarf.

ferrugineum +5°F 3' Mid March. Long, tubular, pink flowers. Slightly twisted leaves. Needs
excellent drainage. *

fictolacteum +5°F 6' April. Very large trusses of bell-shaped flowers white tinged pink. Very large, glossy, dark green foliage.

flavidum -15°F 2' Mid March-April. Small light yellow flowers. Open, upright, dense growth.

fletcheranum 'YELLOW BUNTING' 5°F 3' Late March-April. A hardy maddenii with bright
primrose-yellow flowers. Hairy foliage turns bronze in winter.

formosum 'EDINBURGH' +15°F 6' Early April. One of the most hardy maddeniis. Fairly compact with narrow leaves. Fragrant white flowers with a reddish-pink blotch.
var. inaequale White with a yellow blotch. Larger leaves and flowers with a stronger

forrestii var. repens '76-373 RSF' -5°F 10" April-May. Dwarf, creeping evergreen shrub with scarlet-red flowers.

fortunei ssp. discolor +5°F 6' Early April. Fragrant pink flowers. Very large, matte-green leaves. Vigorous, upright habit.

fulgens -5°F 6' April. Tubular, crimson-red flowers. Compact, spreading habit. Smooth, peeling, pinkish-red bark.

glaucophyllum var. tubiforme -5°F 4' Late March-April. Tubular, light pink flowers. Very aromatic, blue-green foliage.

glomerulatum -15°F 3' Late March-April. Small, pale-purple flowers in small trusses. Small leaves on a compact shrub.
'SUNRISE' Lighter, pale purple flowers.

grande -5°F 6' Late February-March. Creamy-yellow or white flowers with a purple blotch. Very large (to 1') leaves.

griersonianum +10°F 6' Mid May. Orange-red, funnel-shaped flowers. Medium-green leaves with light brown indumentum. Loose habit of growth. Very sensitive to fertilizer.

griffithianum -15°F 6' Early April-May. Fragrant white flowers, tinged pink. Peeling, reddish-brown bark. Upright & open.

haematodes +5°F 4' Late April-May. Narrow bell-shaped, scarlet flowers. Very compact shrub with leathery, oblong leaves and a brown indumentum underneath.

hanceanum var. nanum +5°F 2' Early April. Funnel-shaped, chartreuse-yellow flowers. Compact grower with dark green leaves that are bronze when young. We also carry:
'BOVEE'S' Light-yellow.
'CANTON CONSUL' Greenish-yellow.
'PINK' Creamy-pink, fading to white
'65-476 RSF' Bright yellow

hardingii +5°F 4' Early April. Bell-shaped white flowers with crimson spots held in a lax truss. Medium-sized, sharply pointed leaves.

heliolepis '76-302 RSF' -5°F 6' Late March. Fragrant, soft lavender-pink, funnel-shaped blossoms. Strongly aromatic, dark green foliage. Forms a well-rounded mound.

hemitrichotum +5°F 5' Late April-May. Small, funnel-shaped, light pink flowers fading to white. Upright, open habit.

hippophaeoides -25°F 3' Late March-April. Small, lavender-blue flowers. Compact, dense,
growth habit. Very frost hardy, even in bloom. Tolerant of poorly-draining sites. *

hirsutum +5°F 3' April. Small leaves on a twiggy, spreading plant. We carry:
'FLORE PLENO' Double, pinkish-white flowers
'66-594 RSF' Magenta flowers.

hodgsonii +5°F 5' April. Large, rose-purple flowers. Very large leaves. Reddish-brown peeling bark.

hongkongense +10°F 5' Late April. Saucer-shaped, slightly fragrant, small white flowers.
Reddish-purple new growth.

hookeri '67-711 RSF' +5°F 5' March-April. Long, narrow, bell-shaped, pink flowers. Open,
upright growth.

houlstonii 'BRODICK' -5°F 5' Late March-April. Funnel-shaped, lavender-pink flowers tinged pink. Upright, open grower.

hypenanthum 'ANNAPURNA' -5°F 3' Early April.
Long, tubular, yellow flowers with darker staining. Aromatic leaves.

hyperythrum +5°F 6' Late April. Funnerl-shaped, white flowers. Large leaves with small reddish pits below.

impeditum -15°F 18" Mid March-April. Mauve, purplish-blue flowers cover the plant. Small, silver-grey green foliage. Tight, compact grower. One of the best for rock gardens or bonsai. Needs excellent drainage.

imperator -5°F 9" Early March-April. Small, rose-purple flowers. Small, dark green leaves.
Prostrate habit. A good dwarf for the rock garden.

inaequale (see formosum var. inaequale)

indicum (see Evergreen Azalea section)

insigne +5°F 6' May. Long, bell-shaped, pink flowers. Outstanding foliage is thick and grooved with a coppery sheen to the undersides. We carry:
'WINDSOR LH22' Light pink.
'75-110 RSF' White with rose stripes and magenta spots.

intricatum -15°F 2' Early March. Very prolific, tubular, lavender-blue flowers. Small, dark green leaves. A handsome dwarf.

irroratum 'POLKA DOT' -5°F 6' April. Beautiful pink flowers with yellow shades and red flecks throught. Open, upright habit.

iteophyllum +5°F Early April. Fragrant, white flowers with a pink blush. Medium-sized, narrow leaves.

japonicum (deciduous) -25°F 4' Late March-April. Large clusters of orange flowers. Compact, upright habit. *

johnstoneanum +15°F 6' Early April. Creamy-yellow, fragrant flowers in a loose truss. Medium-sized, dark green leaves with a hairy fringe.
'BOWMAN' Light yellow to white. Larger flowers.
'52-546 S.A.' Yellow.

keiskei -5°F 2' Mid March-April. Pale yellow, open bell-shaped flowers. Low-growing, compact dwarf. We also carry:
'PROSTRATE' Creamy-white flowers.
'75-208 RSF' Pale yellow flowers.
var. cordifolia Yellow flowers. Very low, creeping habit.

keleticum -15°F 1' Mid March-May. Deep purplish-crimson flowers with crimson spots are large and flat and resemble a pansy. Dense, matted growth.

keysii +5°F 6' Late March-April. Tubular, orange flowers resemble firecrackers.

kiusianum -15°F 18" Early March-May. A wonderful dwarf for rock gardens or bonsai. Small, shiny, dark green leaves. New growth has red stems. A heavy bloomer. Semi-deciduous in cold areas. * We carry the following forms:
'81-011 RSF' Bright coral-pink
'ALBA' White
'BENICHIDORE' Dark orange-red.
'B.B.G' Purple
'FUJI MOSUME' Soft lavender-pink
'HAGUROMO' Light pink
'HARUSAME' Vibrant orchid-pink
'KOKONOE' Double.Pale reddish-purple
'KOMO KULSHAN' Purplish-red with pale pink
'MT. FUJI' White
'MOUNTAIN GEM' Rose-purple.
'MURASAKI SHIKIBU' Hose-in-hose.Purple-red.
'NUMOTO' Pale pink
'S.H.D.' Bright pink
'VICTORIA' Dark bluish-pink
'YUBAE' Hot pink
'ZUIKO' Dark rose-pink

lacteum +5°F 6' Late April-May. Large bell-shaped flowers. Very large (to 8") leaves with tawny indumentum. Best in filtered shade with good drainage and low soil pH. We carry:
'63-753 BBG' Pale yellow.
'75-125 BBG' Clear yellow.

lanigerum +5°F 6' March-April. Bell-shaped, reddish-purple flowers. Large leaves with

latoucheae +5°F 5' April-May. Scented, mauvish-pink flowers. Upright, spreading growth habit.

lepidostylum -5°F 18" Late May. Yellow flowers. Small, blue-green, furry leaves on a very
compact dwarf. Good for rock gardens. *

lepidotum +5°F 18" Mid March-April. Small white flowers. Low-growing, open growth habit.

leucaspis +5°F 18" Late February-March. White flowers with contrasting brown anthers. Hairy, dark green leaves. Spreading habit. *

liliiflorum +15°F 6' April. Wide funnel-shaped, scented, white flowers strongly resemble lilies. Upright, open habit. *

linearifolium +5°F 3' Mid March-April. Unique, narrow, hairy leaves. Fragrant pink flowers with narrow, ribbon-like petals.

lochmium 0°F 6' April Blue flowers, flushed rose with a darker blotch. Narrow leaves on a
upright grower.

lutescens -5°F 6' Late February-March. Pale yellow flowers sparkle against the dark, bronze-red foliage. Narrow leaves, upright habit.

luteum (deciduous) -15°F 5' May. Sweetly scented, tubular yellow flowers on bare branches, blooms over a long period. Scarlet fall color. Can take deep shade. *

lysolepis -15°F 2' Mid March-April. Funnel-shaped, purplish flowers. Small leaves.

macabeanum +5°F 6' March. Bell-shaped, deep yellow flowers. Very large (to 18") leaves with tan indumentum.

macrantha (see Evergreen Azalea section)

macrogemmum (see Evergreen Azalea section)

macrophyllum -5°F 6' Late May-June. Pacific coast native. Pale mauve-pink flowers. Medium-large, dark green leaves.
'77-208 RSF' White flowers.

macrosepalum 'LADY LOCKS' (see Evergreen Azalea section)

maddenii +15°F 6' Late April-May. Fragrant, large, white flowers flushed with rose. An open grower with attractive peeling, paper-like bark. Will grow well in deep shade.

manipurense +15°F 6' Late May-June. Large, funnel-shaped, fragrant, white flowers. Glossy leaves.

martinianum +5°F 4' Mid-April. Bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers. Small leaves.

megeratum +5°F 3' March-April. Creamy-yellow flowers on a dwarf plant. Purplish, peeling bark.

melinanthum 'ARS' +5°F 6' May. Yellow, bell-shaped flowers. Open, upright growth.

metternichii -15°F 6' Mid April. Pink, bell-shaped flowers. Narrow, shiny leaves with cinnamon indumentum. A very handsome, compact-growing shrub.

micranthum +5°F 6' May. Small, bell-shaped, white flowers. Very small, narrow leaves on a upright, spreading plant. Good as an espalier. Heat tolerant.

montroseanum '064 RSF' -5°F 6' March. Deep pink flowers with a crimson blotch. Large
leaves. Upright grower.

morii 'ORPHAN' +5°F 6' Late April-May. Bell-shaped, rosy-white flowers with crimson spots. Upright, open habit.

moupinense 0°F 3' Mid February-March. Pure white, funnel-shaped flowers with a crimson blotch. Wide, dark green leaves with new growth bronzy-red. Peeling bark. *

mucronatum (see Evergreen Azalea section)

mucronulatum 'CORNELL PINK' (deciduous) -15°F 5' Early February. Clear pink flowers bloom along the stems as well as on the tips of bare branches. Erect, sprawling growth habit. *

nakaharai -5°F 6" Late May-June. Rose-colored flowers. Low, spreading growth habit. Attractive,
dark green leaves. We offer the following forms:
'74-085 RSF' (MARIKO) Carmine flowers.
'GIGHA' Pink-red flowers.
'MT. SEVEN STAR' Large, deep red flowers.
'OSBORNE' Very low and creeping. Light orange flowers.

neriiflorum '321981 BBG' -5°F 5' April. Narrow bell-shaped, crimson-scarlet flowers. Compact, spreading habit.

nitens -5°F 18" Late March-April. Small, fuchsia-pink flowers with crimson spots. Open,
spreading dwarf.

nivale ssp. boreale +5°F 3' Mid-April. Violet-blue flowers. Very small leaves. Upright, compact habit.

niveum +5°F 6' Late March-April. Long, wide-tubular, purple-lilac flowers with darker spots. Downy covering on new leaves, near-white indumentum below. Open, upright habit.

noriakianum (see Evergreen Azalea section)

obtusum (see Evergreen Azalea section)

occidentale (deciduous) -5°F 5' Early May. Pacific coast native with narrowly tubular, fragrant flowers pink outside opening to creamy white and yellow. °°We carry several forms including:
'PETITE FLEUR' Pink buds open to small white flowers on a low growing, spreading shrub. A chance seedling discovered here at S.H.N.

odoriferum +15°F °6' Mid May-June. Large, white flowers tinged green inside, blushed rose outside. Pleasant fragrance. More compact than most of the maddeniis.
'BOWMAN' Large white flowers.
'WESTGATE' Pink flowers.

oldhamii +10°F 4' Late April-May. Attractive, bright brick-red flowers. Medium-sized, hairy
foliage. Upright and spreading habit. *

orbiculare +5°F 5' Mid April. Bell-shaped, rose-pink flowers. Round foliage. Compact habit.

oreodoxa '80-121 RSF' +5°F 6' Late March-April. Bell-shaped, pale pink flowers with maroon flecks on upper lobe. Open, upright growth habit.

oreotrephes +5°F 5' Late April. Rose-lavender flowers appear along the stems and tips. Small, attractive blue-green leaves, stems and buds. We also carry:
'67-702 RSF' (BLUE LEAF) A more glaucous form.

orthocladum '75-273 RSF' +5°F 2' April. Purplish-blue flowers on a compact, spreading plant with grey-green leaves.

ovatum '76-050 RSF' +10°F 5' April. Small, pale-pink flowers. Compact habit with rounded leaves.

patulum +5°F 2' Early March. Narrow funnel-shaped, purple flowers. Small, long, dark green leaves. This dwarf has a prostrate habit.

pemakoense 0°F 15" Early March. Pinkish-purple, broadly funnel-shaped flowers. Wide, roundish, dark green leaves. A heavy bloomer. Low, mounding, dense growing dwarf.

periclymenoides (deciduous) -15°F 5' Star-shaped, tubular flowers rose to light pink. Light, sweet fragrance. Native to Eastern U.S.

prinophyllum (deciduous) -25°F 5' Star-shaped, tubular flowers rose to light pink. Spicy, clove-like fragrance. Native to Eastern U.S. *

prunifolium (deciduous) -15°F 4' Orange-red flowers. Glossy foliage. Native to Georgia into Alabama. *

pholidotum (See heliolepis)

pianensis (see Evergreen Azalea section)

piercei +5°F 5' Apri. Narrow bell-shaped, crimson-red flowers. New growth hairy, later forming a thick, brown indumentum.

pingianum -5°F 6' March. Long, narrow bell-shaped flowers. Large, narrow leaves with a thick indumentum below. We carry:
'HU8199UWAH214' Purple.
'79-161 RSF' Light pink

polyandrum +15°F 5' May. White, fragrant, tubular flowers with a yellow throat. Long, narrow leaves. Upright, open habit.

ponticum -5°F 6' Mid-May. Purplish-pink flowers in 6" trusses. Attractive, dark green foliage. Very tolerant of poor growing conditions; can even be used as a windbreak. *
'VARIEGATUM' (syn. 'CHIENTHII') White variegation along leaf margins. Mauve-pink flowers.
'#2' Light lavender flowers, slightly frilled with a yellow eye.

poukhanense (see Evergreen Azaleas under yedoense)

praeteritum 'WAKEHURST' +5°F 5' March. Long, bell-shaped, pink flowers.

praevernum +5°F 6' February. Tubular bell-shaped, light-pink flowers with a crimson blotch. Very similar to R. oreodoxa.

prostratum -15°F 6" Late May. Deep purple-rose flowers. Glossy-green foliage. A very compact, low-growing dwarf.

protistum +5°F 6' March. Long bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers flushed rose. Very large (to 18") leaves.

pseudochrysanthum -10°F 3' Late March-April. Flowers are soft pink, bell-shaped. Dark green, eliptic leaves with an attractive, compact habit. *
'EXBURY' Silver foliage.
'IJ092 RSF' Pink flowers.

pubescens -5°F 6' Mid March-April. Light pink flowers appear from buds clustered at the ends and along the branches. Compact and upright. *

racemosum -5°F 3' Late March-April. Flowers bloom along the upper portions of the stems.
Upright, open growth. * We carry:
'GLENDOICK' Deep pink, lighter center. Compact.
'ROCK' Lavender pink.
'WHITE' White flowers.

recurvoides +5°F 3' April-May. Long, narrow bell-shaped, white flowers flushed pink, with
crimson spots. Long, narrowly pointed leaves have a thick indumentum. We also carry:
'74-098 RSF' Strong pink.
'74-099 RSF' White flushed pink with magenta flecks.

rex +5°F 6' Late April-May. Long, tubular bell-shaped, pale pink flowers with a crimson blotch and spots. Very large (to 18") leaves with a brownish indumentum below.

rhabdotum +15°F 6' May. Long, tubular bell-shaped, creamy white flowers with external red stripes. Open, spreading habit.

rigidum +5°F 6' Late April-May. Long, funnel-shaped, smoky-pink flowers with red spots. *

ririei 'TAGH213' +5°F 5' March. Bell-shaped, smokey-blue flowers. Upright, open growth habit.

rubiginosum -15°F 6' Early March-April. Pink-mauve flowers. Erect growth habit. Small, aromatic, pointed leaves.

russatum -15°F ° 3' Mid-March. Deep indigo-blue flowers. Dark green, oval shaped leaves.
Upright, open growth habit.

saluenense +5°F 4' April. Lavender-pink flowers with lighter edges. Compact, mounding habit with small, aromatic leaves.

sanguineum ssp. haemaleum +5°F 5' Late March. Narrow bell-shaped, blackish-crimson
flowers. Compact habit.

sargentianum +5°F 1' Late March-April. Small, daphne-like, creamy-white flowers. Aromatic leaves. Compact, mounding habit.
'PINK' A form with pink flowers.

sataense (see Evergreen Azalea section)

scabrifolium '70-155 RSF' -5°F 5' Early April-May. Narrow funnel-shaped, white flushed rose flowers with magenta flecks. Open, spreading habit.

schlippenbacchii (deciduous) -25°F 4' Late March-April. Large, star-like, pink to white flowers in good trusses. Best with some shade.

scintillans +5°F 2' Late March-April. Deep blue-purple flowers. Very small leaves with a low, sprawling habit.

scopulorum +20°F 5' Late April. White, wide funnel-shaped, fragrant flowers. Olive-green foliage.

scyphocalyx 'GOLDEN GATE' +5°F 4' Late May. Small, tubular, orange-yellow-crimson flowers. Rounded, dark green leaves. Very dense, compact habit. *

selense ssp. jucundum +5°F 5' Late April-May. Pastel-rose flowers fading to white with a purple blotch. Open & upright.

serpyllifolium -15°F 2' Late March-April. Very small leaves on a spreading, compact plant with small, tubular flowers.
'ALBA' Pure white flowers
'FUCHSIA' Deep pink flowers.
'PINK' Light pink flowers.

sikangense 'RBG' -10°F 3' March-April. Bell-shaped, soft-pink flowers with a red blotch. Upright habit.

simsii 'VARIEGATED' (see Evergreen Azalea section)

sinogrande 'BRODICK' +5°F 6' March. Pale-yellow to white flowers with a crimson blotch. Very large (to 30"), heavily-textured leaves with indumentum below.

sinonuttallii '097 RSF' +15°F 6' April-May. Large, bell-shaped, white, tinged pink flowers with a yellow blotch. Fragrant. Large, heavily textured leaves.

speciousum 'APRICOT' (syn. flammeum) (deciduous) -15°F 4' Mid April. Tubular, yellow flowers with orange shades. A native of South Eastern U.S. *

sperabile var. weihsiense 0°F 5' April-May. Narrow, bell-shaped, scarlet-red flowers. Upright, compact habit.

sphaeroblastum var. wumengense +5°F 6' April-May. Narrow bell-shaped, white flowers with crimson spots. Leaves have a woolly indumentum below.

spiciferum 5°F 3' Late April. Small, pinkish flowers appear along the stems and at the tips. Narrow, hairy leaves. *

spinuliferum +5°F 6' Early April. Closed, tubular flowers of reddish-orange resemble hors-
d'oeuvres (complete with toothpicks!) Narrow, olive-green leaves. Upright, open habit. *

strigillosum -5°F 6' Early April. Blood-red trusses of narrow, bell-shaped flowers. Attractive foliage on a dome-shaped plant.
'EXBURY' Rich blood-red.

supranubium '59-957 BBG' +15°F 6' April-May. White, very fragrant flowers. Fairly glossy leaves. One of the best in the maddenii series.

sutchuenense -5°F 6' March-April. Lavender-pink, bell shaped flowers in large trusses. Large, dark green leaves. Upright, open habit.
var. geraldii Clear pink with a purple-crimson blotch.

tamurae (see Evergreen Azalea section)

tanastylum -5°F 6' March. Bell-shaped, crimson to scarlet flowers. Open, spreading habit.

tatsienense -5°F 6' May. Purplish-rose flowers along branches and at tips. Small leaves.
Spreading habit.

tephropeplum +5°F 30" Late April. Tubular bell-shaped, pink flowers. Upright, open habit.

thayeranum '66-605 RSF' +5°F 6' May-June. Funnel-shaped flowers open white with maroon flecks from pink buds. Compact, upright habit.

thomsonii 0°F 6' Mid-April. Bell-shaped, deep crimson-red flowers. Rounded leaves, blue-white below with peeling-red bark. We offer:
'BLUE FOLIAGE' Leaves strongly glaucous.
'GLENDOICK SDLG.' from the Cox's in Scotland.
'67-716 RSF' Deep scarlet red.

trichanthum 'VILLOSUM' +5°F 6' Broadly funnel-shaped blue flowers with a lighter blotch. New growth hairy. Upright habit. *

trichocladum 'RBG' (deciduous) -5°F 3' April-May. Funnel-shaped, pale-yellow flowers with a greenish blotch. Loose, rounded growth habit.

trichostomum var. ledoides -5°F 3' Early May. Miniature, white, tubular flowers in long-lasting trusses. Small, greyish-green leaves. Open, spreading habit.

tsangpoense var. pruniflorum +5°F 3' April. Small, bell-shaped, plum-lavender flowers. Open, upright habit.

vaseyi (deciduous) -15°F 5' Late April. Wide funnel-shaped, 2" pink flowers often spotted with green. Nice autumn colors. Native to Eastern U.S. *

venator +5°F 6' Late May. Flowers are a deep scarlet. Bushy, well-branched habit with attractive foliage.

vernicosum '32-708 BBG' -5°F 6' Mid April. Pink buds open to white, bell-shaped flowers. Dull green leaves. Upright, open habit.

virgatum +15°F 4' Late March. Soft pink, tubular flowers bloom between the leaves and along the branches. Open, spreading habit.

viridescens 'DOSHONG-LA' -5°F 6' Late May. Pale yellow flowers. Oblong, pale green foliage, bluish underneath. Low, spreading habit.

wadanum 'RBG seedling' (deciduous) +5°F 5' May. Funnel-shaped, deep purple flowers with darker spots.

wallichii 'ACHAMORE' +5°F 6' April-May. Long, bell-shaped, lilac-rose flowers with darker
spots. Very similar to R.campanulatum.

wardii 'LSE157 RBG' +5°F 6' Late May-June. Clear yellow flowers with a crimson blotch.
Open, upright habit.

weyrichii '81-073 RSF' (deciduous) -10°F 5' Wide funnel-shaped flowers, bright brick-red with a purple blotch. Open, upright growth habit.

williamsianum -5°F 18" Late April. Bell-shaped pink flowers hang in groups of two or three. Rounded, dark green leaves on a low and spreading dwarf. It is difficult in warm areas but the hybrids are usually easier to grow. * We carry these forms:
'COX' Soft pink to white.
'S.H.N.' Pink. Very low growing.

xanthocodon (see cinnabarnium ssp. xanthocodon)

xanthostephanum 'GARRAMA' -25°F 4' Late April. Tubular bell-shaped, yellow flowers. Shiny green leaves. Open, upright, spreading habit. *

yakushimanum -25°F 3' Late April. Dark pink buds open pink and gradually fade to white. Leaves are dark green, narrow, and down-curved with a heavy cinnamon indumentum. * We carry:
'ANGEL' White.
'F.C.C.' Pink to white
'16705 S.A.' Pink to white.

yunnanense -5°F 6' April. White flowers with a darker eye. Open, upright habit. Sometimes semi-deciduous. * We carry the following forms:
'B.B.G.' White with an orange eye.
'BOVEE'S' Blue-pink with a red eye.
'S.H.N.' Light lilac.
'80-933 RSF' Larger flower. Orange with a red eye.

zaleucum -5°F 6' Late May. White flowers flushed with violet appear along the the branches and at the tips. Dark green foliage.